SOUTHFIELD, MI- The Pro-Tech Group, LLC has been awarded by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office a patent for a Mobile Container System.

The Pro-Tech Mobile Container System solves a key industry problem with unproductive auto rail car mileage. Today, after each automobile rail car is unloaded it travels empty back to the plant or dock to be loaded for another trip. This practice results in empty rail cars and unproductive rail car mileage. The Pro-Tech Mobile Container System allows customers to utilize empty automotive rail cars miles productively – saving time and money for all parties. The containers are specially designed to fit inside auto rail cars and are fully collapsible a unique, “Industry First” that will dramatically increase back haul opportunities for logistics providers. In order to keep track of each container, Pro-Tech uses a global tracking RFID system that allows us to monitor rail car flow patterns, analyze cost/benefits and optimize container usage.

In a letter from President Obama, in which he expressed his appreciation for Pro-Tech recognizing the challenges our nations faces when it comes to energy efficient and the solution the Mobile Shipping Container System provides.

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